BUTTONS The Best Dog on Earth

Chapter 1 The Beginning of Dogs
“Please Mom. Please. Can I have a dog?’’ I asked for the millionth time. I had wanted a dog. “Mom, I’ll clean him everyday. Please?’’ Mom’s response was “No Darling. Not today. “ How could it be? I wanted just one dog, not fifty. Still, she didn’t cave in. It wasn’t fair. She bought Isabelle one, so why not me? My sister Isabelle is pretty, but that didn’t mean she could get anything she wanted! She’s got an iPad, an iPhone, even an iPod! And a dog! It just wasn’t fair! “Okay, Julia. I’ll send you to Littlest Pet Shop (L.P.S.) tomorrow.” Finally! A dog of my own! Late at night, I was trying to decide my dog’s name. Fifi? No. Spots? Nah. Buttons? Perfect! Now I can sleep in peace, I thought. The next morning, Mom drove me to L.P.S. My eyes were fixed on a young cocker spaniel. I knew right away that this puppy was for me. He barked joyfully at me. On the way home, I bought a blue collar and a leash. Little did I know that this dog was TROUBLE. A few days later, when we came back from our morning walk, he left muddy paw prints in the kitchen. Mom glared. Isabelle giggled. I swallowed hard. “Hey Julia, you know what? I bet Princess (Isabelle’s dog) is more behaved than Butt-face!’’ Isabelle taunted. I was holding a bucket full of water, so guess what I did. Yep, I poured the bucket full down on her. “Julia!’’ Mom scolded. “Julia, you are going to get rid of that dog right now and I mean it!” Isabelle snickered. Isabelle is Mom’s favorite. I mean, I had chestnut brown curly hair and turquoise eyes. How can you compare that to blonde hair and sky blue eyes? I would be prettier, right? But Mom thought Isabelle was more charming. Just then, a thought struck me. I could just escape. I grabbed Buttons and raced to my room. I gave Buttons a bath, and started packing. I checked everything. I definitely was bringing my wallet. I have $70.00. I finally sneaked out of the house. I was going to live at the park near the fountain and I was ready. Buttons was too. We were ready for anything! Hey, world! Here we come!

Chapter 2 “Hold It!”
I’ve just changed my mind. I am staying. I got homesick so was Buttons, and we’re hungry.

Chapter 3 Moving Day
I wasn’t ready for this though. Mom was having twins! Last night mom came back from the hospital with Uncle Matt and Aunt Alexandra. They were holding twins—girl-twins! “Meet Valerie and Melanie!” said Mom. Isabelle had been sleeping so she suddenly woke up with a start. “Er, what did you say, mom?” she asked. I rolled my eyes at the memory. Buttons looked up at me. “Good morning, Julia,” Aunt Alexandra said. “Would you like some french toast or pancakes?” “Pancakes, please,” I replied absent-mindedly. I was watching The Series of Unfortunate Events. Count Olaf was saying, “Time machine, time machine! 4 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 5 o’clock, Whoo Whoo Whoo! I know! Let’s go back to the historical times when dinosaurs rule the earth! ROOARRR!” I was laughing so hard I didn’t notice Buttons eating my breakfast, so I had to take french toast instead. Isabelle was watching the same video so I could hear her laughing her head off! I wondered what I should do. I wanted to keep on watching but I had to clean the litter box. Yep, I said litter box. We had 5 pets: 2 dogs, 2 gerbils, and a goldfish. And mom was ordering 3 more puppies… 8 pets. So much work! And now 2 babies. How was I ever going to have fun? We’d moved 2 months ago. We used to live in Alberta, now we are in Prince Edward Island. It’s pretty here even though I missed Alberta. The soil is red here and there’re lots of flowers. Many rose bushes. So many trees! Lots of rainbows too! It might be better than Alberta. Who knows? The world is always a mystery!


One thought on “BUTTONS The Best Dog on Earth

  1. Amy Verkerk

    Hey Jaslyn!!

    Your stories are so great! I love reading them! Keep writing, you definitely have a God given talent.

    Lots of love,
    Amy xxx


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