The Secret

This Christmas at Honeydew Junior High Academy was a mess. Cookie and Cinnamon hurried to and fro. Gogo, however, was at the North Pole. He was a detective/spy and was on a mission. Back to the story. All of a sudden, three teachers rushed in the cafeteria. Mrs. Della  the “history” teacher, was sobbing loudly. ” What happened, Mrs. Della?” asked Cookie urgently. ” The c-c-candy canes are s-s-stolen.” said Mrs.Della (who had a sweet tooth by the way). Mr. Alm  hurried on to Mrs. Dellamisera and said,”The Christmas tree is also stolen and so-” “So are the library books about Christmas!” interrupted Ms. Nek . Suddenly, all the three teachers started crying. “All right, everyone! let’s go to the field for a game of cards. We might figure out who is the robber that way,” suggested Mr. Macbeth . All the students and teachers followed him down the hall. 1 hour later, the game was over and Gogo was back. He helped by questioning a few suspects. Meanwhile, Professor Dorus was saying,”They’ll never know it was me!” while Gogo sneaked up behind him.”Y’know what? You weren’t careful enough.” He zipped away leaving the professor to sit and sulk. Weeks later, he was put in prison. Gogo was awarded Best Detective and they had two parties. One for Christmas and one for Boxing Day. Anyway, back to Cookie. She found a forgotten candy cane in her locker. But don’t tell, it’s a secret!


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