The Adventures of Tammy and Friends: The Feast of the Squirrels

Tammy stood on the top of her tree with Robin, Raven, Tabby, and Vanessa. They watched the sunrise with interest.

“Come on! Last one down the tree is a rotten egg!” Raven cried, scampering down the tree.

“Hey, no fair! You got a head start,” shouted Robin. Raven stuck  her tongue out. Robin stuck his tongue back at her.

Tammy, Tabby, and Vanessa just ignored them and went to gather breakfast. Tammy went to the Berry Forest, Tabby went to Grandma Zerlina’s cupboards, and Vanessa went to the Herb Garden. When they came back, they found Raven and Robin still arguing.

“Hey, that acorn is mine!” “No, I found it first!” “Gimme that!” “Never!” Vanessa washed the four-leaved clovers and parsley. Tammy washed the blue berries and strawberries. Tabby had found a bucket of nuts and some recipes for soup. They washed and tasted and tried to stop Raven from suffocating Robin.

In the end, they brought salad, a bowl of fresh berries with whipped cream, Cream-of-corn soup, Nutty Surprises, and homemade hot chocolate. They ate and argued and shoved and ate some more. Tabby’s Nutty Surprises were a big pile of nuts: almonds, acorns, cashews, hazelnuts, and peanuts. Raven stopped suffocating Robin just to shove a handful of berries into her mouth. The End.


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