Brownie sat glumly on the side of the road. It was the fourth time she’d escaped from the clinic and the only difference this time was this time she didn’t get caught. She rose to her paws and began jogging to her house. ‘Everyone will be there!’ she told herself excitedly. ‘They’ll make me dinner, all the better!’ A car screeched in front of her and a skinny woman with a red dress stepped out of it. Golden embroidery marked the dress. Brownie glared at her then sprinted into her house. “I’M HOME, EVERYONE!!!!!!”


All her friends stared at her. “Brownie!” said Bearemy finally. “We missed you! Where were you?” Brownie hugged her best friend and began sipping her mug of hot cider. “This crazy woman was chasing me and calling me ‘Missy’. That’s probably because this doggie that looked exactly like me was running beside me. Gee….. I said hi to the doggie and asked its name. It introduced itself as Chocolate. She said that her owner had gone mad and thought I was her lost puppy. The human was so weird. She had a reddish dress with golden embroidery on it.. she scared me.” Mollie stared at Brownie with her face pink as ever. “Uriah, you remember when we adopted Brownie? She was only a small pup, wasn’t she? And the woman who sold Brownie to us was Ginger Grahamme and was crying when she handed Brownie to us, and she had a really red gown with golden embroidery on it, right? Her face was real skinny and her hair was grayish and brittle and tied up in short ugly braids. ‘Member?” Uriah shrugged. Then a doggie exactly like Brownie ran through the doorway. Mollie slammed the door shut after the doggie came in. “Chocolate!!!! What are you doing here?” “Brownie, my mistress went mad. Can I live with you?” The door opened again and a blue tabby point Birman kitten slunk in. “This is-”



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