Curtain Magics

The curtains hanging in front of my window

are held in place by clips and hair accessories.

One is a soft purple with a dreamy look,

the other is a sunny yellow with repeated prints of

silent stationary puppies.

During the day, the yellow curtain is translucent.

I can usually see golden rays shining brilliantly, even fiercely.

During the night, the purple curtain

is drawn taut like a stretched web,

ready for the moon to filter its beams.

The light of the moon then gently trickles in.

From my bed, I can see everything.

Patches of moonshine dance

on the surface of the purple tautness

and they grow and shrink.

It’s a magical sight and

soon I drift into sleep.

See? even the most ordinary things have a special side.

Look closely.


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