…thoughts in a stranger’s world…

A blank nothingness of a ceiling. Floating dreams lazily drifting from one corner to another

Stationery piled clumsily on a white desk,


trying to look polite and tidy.

sometimes blankets

Are unfolded, pillows are not fluffed, stuffed animals sit quietly on the bed,

as lonely as they seem.

lights are Dimmed, stars Twinkle, the moon bobs up and the night sweeps us away to dreamland.

In the morning, the curtains flutter cheerily and our dream catching jobs are over.

The Friendship Treaty, taped on a vast white wall, stares

unblinkingly back at us.

Fading laughter and the past and caught up in the same net as the present

two swirling beams gathering together, joining forces

Memories and music whistle through the house with every step, breath, and touch. A yellow blob

pops up and I realize:

it’s another day.


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