a world beyond reach

sitting on the porch,

rain soaking my sneakers.

book in hands,

creamy pages mottled with ink.

sopping wet,

the pages are transparent

but still I continue reading.

rain beats down

slamming the pavement

i can hear the echoes

and the lonely wail of wind.

straining my eyes,

trying to read line after line, page after page.

my hands flutter and skim

the leaves of the book, trembling with excitement

stiff, forced letters on

perfectly cut pages

a world just beyond reach,

pushing against its limits, its prison

i free it.

i am drawing myself from reality.

light and fire dance in harmony,

water and shadows in peace.

the earth’s song throbs as its core beats a rhythm,

my heart soars as freedom is given.

i am in another world, in another place

where dreams are not make-believe, stories not just printed blocks.

and now.

faraway expression on my face.

i see myself from a bird’s eye view.

sitting on the porch,

hair dripping and dangling,

sneakers wet and soaked,

book in hands that brought me to another world.


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