For Amy, Bas, and the New Baby

Twilight falls, the autumn ends

The wind howls at the moon

Birds hide in nooks and bends

Shadows chase raccoons.

Snow falls thickly and heavily

Weighing down each twig

The sparrow’s flight is steady

And most people hang holly sprigs.

Nine months to wait and wait…

As Baby grows quickly

Weeks pass at an alarming rate

The snow is descending swiftly

Winter comes and goes in a wink

Rain forces the snow into hiding, now,

The cafes are deserted and so is the rink

The bears are on the prowl.

After a season, give or take some days,

The sky will brighten, sun will rise,

The crows will tear the haze

The stars will rule the luminous skies

Lullabies fill the springtime mist,

Cherry blossoms wave

The soft tinkling of morning bells

Breaks the dawn’s soft gaze

Sleep well, Baby dear

For happiness is close by

And don’t cry, not one tear

Please listen to this lullaby.

For the furnace is burning bright,

Amy will sing you the lullaby

Bas will tuck you in goodnight

Until then, I wish you goodbye! 😀

Congratulations Amy & Bas!


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