Ink-Pen, Slip-Watch

This is for Ruben–check a few times to see if the mice are at the pens

Ink-pen; Slip-watch

by Jaslyn Thienbunlertrat

dedicated to Ruben


and the leaf-cups are full with dew.

sometimes in the sweetest mornings,

Feverfew and I awake

            seeing the five-ten-twenty-four slip-watch tick to ten

and then

The slip-watch springs





mice don’t complain.

Feverfew and I gather pebbles for the stove,

cream from the kitchen,

scraps from Frau Nannerl’s sewing-machine

Frau Nannerl pins her scribbles;

“—and mamma in her ‘kerchief and I in my cap—”


Feverfew and I,

we, gardener spare us, collect from the flower-beds

at noon.


The china-cat springs





but we mice never complain.

Frau Nannerl,


often forgets her ink-pen on the wooden table.

Feverfew and I; we learn.

To write, that is.

Life as a mouse; no concerns. Pebbles in the stove, the fire burns

I, wrapped in ribbons, and Marigold in silk. Cream in the cupboard, and in the cup, milk.

Feverfew and I; we write.

Life as a mouse, scrape by in tears. Ask our Providence, our pleadings he hears

I, warmed by nightgown, and Marigold in her best. Peace in our slumbering, pleasure in rest.


Feverfew and I.

The poppies are bloodred


            bitter snow;

Frau Nannerl writing to her beloved by candle-light.

Tipper-cat purrs

The fireside stirs


and the house is still.


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