A Sad Song For Moving


As always, I am (very very very very) late in writing a short good-bye poem. At first we were going to put this on the other blog (the family blog, or the wix website, or whatever) but then Mom said this one’s fine. So here it is. Please excuse any grammatical mistakes.

We’re moving to Ladner

(I hoped we could stay)

We’re saying good-bye

(since we’re moving away)

We’re still very sad

(but we hope you can see)

that though we’re apart,

(We’re still a family)



3 thoughts on “A Sad Song For Moving

  1. Romi Foster

    This is really lovely, Jaslyn. It feels really delicate and I do think it’s very nice and multi-leveled. I’m thinking this is written because you truly did move- I hope it all went well. x


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