Thienbunlertrat Family Newsletter no. 1

(As from the family blog,

This is officially the first family newsletter! Free candy to the following 8 sponsors (their names are cleverly disguised for security reasons):
Mr. Eat-More-Sugar-Eat-Less-Beets-Watch-NBA
Mrs. Eat-Veggies-Not-Deep-Fried-Chicken-or-Sugar
Master. Never-Comb-Hair
Mistress. Too-Many-Stuffies-Too-Many-Pink-Clothes
Master Pushkin
Master Christoff Boersch (Spy Agent G.O.G.O.)
Dave the Fridge
The Ravioli Monster
Newsletter, no. 1
Thank you, all of you! Now, let us continue.
Not much this week! We did a bunch of makeup work, and we went to Ikea. We also ate a lot of ginger cookies. This week, we worked on a story together, updated our website, drank a lot of orange juice, and sat deep in thought for a while on the bed (that was me).
Tomorrow is the first day we attend Pneuma! Make sure you SHOWER! AND WEAR NICE CLOTHES! for crying out loud, I need to shower. Also, on Monday we’re “officially” starting school and ending winter break. Get those pencils sharpened!!
This week we finished Episode I of the grumpy creature. We also: read books, ate a large amount of seaweed, jogged for about 10 min. without dying, and practiced push-ups (but I didn’t reach more than 1)
Not much. Other than the expired flax seed, there’s not much adventure this week.
1. The pool is awesome but we forgot to go
2. My sister is absolutely insanely cute. Do not feed her if you value your fingers.
3. I hate washing dishes.
All right! That’s all for today!
To be continued next week.

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