Neverland’s Last Days

what once was young in the sun’s bright beams
now fades to silver grey
and in the shadows, shining teeth gleam
hidden from the light of day

above decks where the pirates sit
the captain’s cane is creaking
his strength and speed and tongue and wit
are very slowly leaking

the mermaids’ scales are stiff and dulled
their songs are slower still
and while the birds are swaying, lulled
the boy waits on the windowsill

Peter (whom the songs still say)
is waiting for his Wendy
whose hair is white and streaked with grey
with grand-children now aplenty

even the bears and the March hares
are resting beneath the stars
themselves that may be caught unawares
as crickets chirp afar

in noontide sun the land is new
and though time is coming to an end
all the creatures near and far
know that spring’s around the bend

(and in the sun’s last journey
something defies the dying rays
Tinkerbelle’s fading smile glows bright
and, surrounded by darkening night
Neverland awakens to new day)


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