Seen and Heard

Entry for Laura Thomas Communications 2014 Poetry Prize (currently on the
Iist of Category 3 finalists). To see the statistics page click

A tree
is wise
with many tales to tell.
Old ones, beautiful ones
even their own.
How they
grew tall,
loving the endless beams
of sunlight.
Moonlight sang
them to sleep,
Crickets were music to them.
Fireflies were
Frost were quiet neighbours
often on vacation,
barely next door.
Snow was a
mere decoration
taken away before
they knew it.

Ask them for a tale,
and you will recieve
Some are of
others are lands that used
to be, and now
are not.
But in the
shadowed reaches
of the great forest
is seen and heard
by the trees.

Ask them
how many stories do you know?
and they will
“as many as
my pine needles in autumn,
as numerous
the earth’s many
as uncountable as
the lines on my bark,
that is how many stories I know.”

where did they hear them,
all the stories they know?
from other trees,
from the western wind
from the gales of North
from the South’s
impatient zephyrs
from the
East where the sun blazes high above

What is a tree?
a tree is wise being,
with many
tales to tell.


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