lingering light

Written for my English assignment (required to write lyric poem about any topic)

Inspiration: pool scene from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Time (Hans Zimmer), Believe Me/ Gate of Steiner (Abe Takeshi).

lingering light

Drowning. Dark, inky, hungry hands in the water

Dragging me down, phantom voices roaring

Rapidly rising bubbles. Fear rises like a sharp knife against my spine

Above, streaks of frantic colour twisting, diving, soaring.

Black, white, and grey of a wasted life surging

Hands reaching for the surface, grasping at air

A single thought – I can’t swim – and a momentary flash.

Panic surging, noise everywhere, and at the same time, nowhere

Fish fly, unconcerned, swimming through the bubbles

Swirling into careless oblivion. Someone help me –

The ocean’s arms envelop my entire being crushingly,

Pulling me deeper and deeper into the unforgiving sea.

Dark. Too dark. A brush against my arm, a little slither –

The sea squeezes all sound from any escaping word

No light. No courage. No one beneath the tides of the ocean

But me. Darkness rumbling, dreaming and reality blurs

Hands that have reached out and grasped nothing,

A voice that has called out and left unheard

Eyes that struggle to see beyond the black, blinding veil

Feet whose wish to touch bare ground goes unanswered

Hand takes hand, voice meets willing ear, eyes are opened

The rush of being pulled from the depths tingling against my feet

Air. Warm, sweeping gusts of wind, and the harsh, welcoming glare

Of a summer sun, and the air, entering freed lungs, salty and sweet.

A step, and I stumble slightly, marveling at the rough sand

Beneath my toes. No bottomless abysses, no hungry fingers

Digging into my back. Turning, to offer my eternal thanks, but –

No one. Only the whisper of the sea, the surge of the breeze, the screaming of the gulls, the subtle scent of life  – lingers.


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